Following the pattern of TV’s “Project Runway,” my  8 to 11 year old students create these designs in my “Trashion” class. The girls are divided into teams and given an array of trashy items I’ve collected. And of course we have runway shows with guest judges. Every summer we exhibit the work. We’ve collaborated on a fundraiser with Donna Karan’s Urban Zen and exhibited the collection in the store.

I just finished a Trashion accessories workshop at World Maker Faire where I collaborated with hundreds of kids over the weekend. Their work was really well designed and super creative, using materials like computer parts, weed wacker cord, a Snuggie, old T shirts & sweaters, Metro Cards, game pieces and plastic Coke bottles.  I won an Editor’s Choice blue ribbon from Maker Faire for this project.

I love the magical process of collaboration and invention that occurs in these classes. Thanks to for the wonderful article about my work.

My Trashion Workshops include both fashion and accessory design using repurposed materials. I offer workshops in the NY Metro/Long Island area. Contact me to customize a workshop for your group of event.


Trashion Workshops

All Trashion Installation. Left: A tent dress, plastic bag top with beach skirt, a plastic poncho & plastic bag gown, a tarp top with beach umbrella shorts.